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that was the great idea of my collegue Michelle Hanke. No sooner said than done, on 19th march 2011 by 6 p.m. clock, it was time. After an introduction with pictures from the work of project team in The Gambia started the "Lunatics" (Best of all worlds) is a fiery mix of music from soul to pop, rock and blues, Latin, jazz, and vocals provided students a real tour de force of.

More pictures from the enthused appearance...

The Lunatics make way for any occasion, whether corporate event, exhibition, presentation, party, town festival or wedding - an unforgettable event!

The design of the posters and flyers Gabor Racsmany has erareitet. Gabor worked as a freelance communications designer for various agencies and publishers. Here's his flyer for the student concert:

The proceed from the event in Oberteuringen and from an other student concert in the barn in Ravensburg comes full benefit of the projects of the Gambia Association. Therefore, we have our very special thanks to Michelle, Michaela Popp with the Lunatics group, the participating students, to Gabor Racsmany, who made the promotional material, to Julia Parra-Nopper (julia parra picture photo studio) for the great pictures and not least to the hotel "Post" Oberteuringen ...

Here is a selection of pictures of the event: