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now for the second time, this year on 29th may 2011. Just 4 years ago was the inaugural meeting of the Association in Stetten akM instead. With beautiful spring weather, in the St. Leonard's Church in the city of Stuttgart, the church was was well filled again, but not as many listeners like last year.
Admission was free for the public, and the diabetes-project The Gambia e.V. wants a donation for the concert.
Of course, the club also arise initially costs for printing the posters and flyers and royalty-fee, and the Church and the Young Voices LE receive an expense allowance. Nevertheless, there remained a total sum of the amount that is for the project. The members of the association are despending in any way a financial burden on society.

A professional appearance, led by Alexander Reuter, put on about 60 singers, and we all can enjoy.

That leaves still left for the Board to consider whether the concert will be held in 2012 again ...