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Ilona Stiebitz, 2nd Chairman of the Association had the idea in the autumn of 2009 to organize a benefit concert, to help the type-1 diabetes in The Gambia.

Step by step, with the assistance of the Association, acquired by Dr. Alieu Gaye, responsible diabetologist in The Gambia and vice-president of the International Diabetes Federation (, children, adolescents and adults with type 1 diabetes were moved in a modern ICT-insulin therapy, as this can be much better integrated into local life processes.

After several attempts in the area of Stuttgart, Ilona had contact with the gospel choir "Young Voices LE". Sybille Litsche, the chairman of the Young Voices LE ( and the choir director Alexander Reuter were convinced of this project and they said immediately "yes". Pastor Hildebrandt-Ayasse has been addressed at St. Leonard's Church, and another willing partner was found.
A date was set, flyers were printed, and the daily press was invited to make promotion.
Together with several colleagues of our association everything was prepared in the Church, but also feared with a little concern as to whether visitors come at all.

Even half an hour before the start, the first audience came, and at 18 p.m. clock, the church was fully occupied with 400 people.
After being greeted by Ilona Stiebitz and a brief presentation of the project by Roland Schindler, he handed over to the choir director Alexander Reuter.
For the next hour and a half the gospel choir "Young Voices" gave a great and varied concert.

Admission to the concert was free, but could be donated for the club, and after deducting all costs, the Board was happy over a nearly four-digit Euro amount, which will be available for the concerned persons in the The Gambia in the form of insulin, blood glucose test strips and education funds.