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The idea of a training program for people with diabetes in The Gambia

Since the early nineties in the Federal Republic of Germany diabetes education programs are used to help people with diabetes to cope better with his illness. She/he can learn what, how much and when to eat, such as insulin injected properly, urine or blood sugar is measured, as feet are cared, and how to create additional movement.
Diabetes education is now recognized as part of therapy.
The ultimate aim of his diabetic condition get better handle on their own responsibility in order to prevent further damage or halt the progression of this.

What could be more natural than to develop a similar program for the gambian diabetics, which makes demands on similar calls, but is adapted to this country and the people!

The first picture shows the first "session" together with Dr. Alieu Gaye in november 2003,

and the only one but senseful education poster at this time.

Different food have been sold, and filled in vessels for view.

We took a lot of photos in the Albert Market in Banjul from well established food.

and we took photos from not acceptable shoes.

Amie Colley made herself available to take photos from the method to inject insulin.

For the first, a program with 12 posters was created, to evaluate, educate and use it with type 1 diabetics,

for the first time in november 2005 (the picture shows Isatou Jeng Ngom from NaNA institute).

Dr. Alieu Gaye presented the developed poster program (40 sheets) at the IDF-Congress in Capetown in december 2006.