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Container (and costs)

The focus of our activities in The Gambia is the implementation of diabetes-training with Dr. Alieu Gaye and his team, and medical care (diagnosis and treatment) of those are affected. If we have the financial ability, we try support to needy families with diabetes with everyday materials (beds, mattresses, dishes, sewing machines, furniture, etc.).
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Container from the 14th March 2014

The ratio of donated items for a container/financing is still unbalanced. We have a lot of "materials", but too little financial opportunities . Nevertheless, the Gambia-diabetes-project has decided to organize a container (half size , 20 feet). The fence of the garden show in Sigmaringen with piles was stowed, tables, chairs, refrigerators, several school bags with school supplies, children's clothing, children's shoes and lots of toys came together. A special thanks to the two childrens garden in Stetten, which gave support over the parents. Also from the sponsors for the "twin" in Gambia a lot came together.

What was different this time? Bernd and Thomas Hotz , together with Thomas Mattes built a loading dock (big thanks to you three !), and the team of the association don't need a rented additional truck! This ramp is not product for single use, because all already know: it was not the last container.

Here are some pictures of how the ramp was designed and built up:

We had gathered up some material for the clinic of Dr. Gaye. The supply of his clinic is our top priority. Smaller cupboards for hospital beds, bandages, syringes, needles, sterilizers, centrifuges, wheelchairs, walking aids, everything was loaded and stowed. That made already about half of the space inside the container.

After 2 hours everything was loaded, what we wanted to take. The entry fees for the loading weekend we were able to save (about 200 €). On March 21, the container ship in Bremerhaven put out to see, estimated on the 8th April in Banjul in the port... if everything runs smoothly.
So we could unload the container in reverse order on the 14th/15th in Gambia, with Eva, Adrian, Gudrun and Roland...

And here you can click, if you want to read the article (in german) in the newsletter Südkurier, 27th march 2014.

Das Verladeteam ist fertig...

and from left to right:
Adrian, Niclas, Rüdiger Rabi, Sven Buttgereit, Eva Mielke-Rabi, Bine Hotz, Gudrun, Susanne Bitzer und Harald Schiller, Peter and Roland are not on the picture.

Container from the 16th February 2013

It happened again... every time Roland Schindler says to his loading team: "This is the final container, we organize", probably he means the year, in which such a container is on the way?

A lot of material has come together, especially for the clinic of Dr. Gaye. An anaethesiemachine, defibrillator, ECG, another 4 hospital beds, some crutches, walkers and wheelchairs and some more things have been collected. Material for wound care has been purchased, which were alone about 3 cubic meters. A home furnishing from Albstadt was caught on Friday evening, 15th, and all the objects of Hilde and Sepp from Bavaria for its fishermans friend Baba were still in the store. Without the latter two materials a donation would have been paid, the club would not be able to shoulder the costs.
Five people, Silvia, Lucas, Lars, Gudrun and Roland organized their next trip to The Gambia from 22th March, to organize the sharing of everything.
In addition, we were glad that the weather was nice. The announcement was "snowing", but it don't, and it was not even as cold as the day before.
Here are some pictures of the preparations, container arriving on Friday, and fromSaturday morning, a view in the Friedhofstr. 2, Stetten am kalten Markt:

Initially the camp looked like an abundantly unsorted pile. But this is not so!!! And we always need plastic bags to pack and to fill the "air holes" in the container. Sandra from Gruol put an extra newsletter advertisement in the local newsletter, and collected and brought children's clothing and footwear, together with toys.

and then we startet...

After five hours, about 3 p.m., all the material was inside, finish!

If you have arrived here with the reading, we decorate you with a medal of perseverance... We enjoy even a back information too: click here and send us an email!

By clicking here, you'll be linked to the newsletter article from the 20th February 2013, written by the Gerd Feuerstein!

Here you'll find almost the members of the loading team, from left to right.
top row: Jenny, Lucas, Lars, Rüdiger, Sandra, Silvia, Nick, Peter, Christine, Thomas H., Thomas M., Gudrun
below: Nicole, Bine, Tobi, Susanne, Roland, Niclas

Container arrival, on the 18th february

Hilde and Sepp took care of the details so all that is necessary for unloading. Of course, Dr. Alieu Gaye, along with Nancy and his brother has taken care of that container, and can be taken out of the harbor. This really is not always easy ...
When packing, we had ensured that the back half was full of material for Dr. Gaye, the front with our things. The unloading was in Gambia, we believe, for Hilde and Sepp a new experience!

Enjoy the pictures now:

Container, unloading on 18th february

Und auch an solche "Kleingikeiten" muss vor den Beladen gedacht werden...

The school furniture from the school in Stetten, Nicosia Placido has created, have found their new ground in The Gambia. Thanks to Susanne Bitzer, she knows the two principals from the Boko Loho Nursery School, Bundung, Jainaba Bojang and Bakary Camara. Hilde and Sepp organzied the transport.
Here the original text of the mail of 22 February 2012:

Here's the original text from the mail message (22th february):

Hello you two,
today we have visited the Jainaba Nursreyschool in Bundung. A very poor area with a dreadful road conditions. We were shown around the school and were able to convince us of the use of school furniture. They were really most urgent need. They are still a little too big for the nursery children but certainly better than the old ones. We will send a heartfelt thank you to the sponsors and try to find more of it. Year (school) fee is 300 Dalasi. A few more pictures to it.
Then, Senegal, whose real name is Ebrima and pretty much have to work. Money he deserves it because none of it constitutes an internship is, therefore, no chance to buy one. He is overjoyed!
Alieu was there again tonight. I can enlighten me: ".. In the Gambia, people help each other for free as it is, therefore, no compensation or money for any of the guys know that and if someone has an injury, he may come to him!"

Container on the 7th january 2012

Again, the association has decided to organize the next container. Hospital beds, hospital small cupboards, approximately 16 cubic meters of association and clinical material from Hartmann company and Bode company (donation), the school desks and chairs from the school in Stetten a.k.M., other linens (donated by Duffner family from the former "deer" in Altheim / Meßkirch and several other private household items were collected, and have been stored in the Raiffeisen building in Stetten.

The container was organized by DB / Schenker in Stuttgart, and arrived at 5th january in the evening, during heavy snow and hurricane gusts. Already on friday night, preparations were made, the snow had to be cleared in front of the camp building, and we must call Mägerle Albert, a farmer in Stetten, ordered on very short notice, to help with his tractor.
On Saturday we were lucky when loading at 1 degree celsius plus, and "only" snow showers, the great team of loaders, we finished in 3 1/2 hours.

Thanks to the timber company Braun from Stetten and Thomas Mattes, thanks to the tractor, we were able to stop the outside Container von Stetten, and have made sure that he does not interfere with 5 days in the small street we are loading. There is also thanked the people in the neighbourhood, they had to change our activities in 6 months now 2x.

A heartfelt "thank you" to the loading team:
Thomas Hotz, Thomas Mattes, Sepp Sandel, Sasha, Sven, Marvin, and Bianca Thomas Square, Nick (our Treasurer), Susan Bitzer, Bernd and Bine Hotz, Rainer Foerg, Ines Tettenborn and Andrew, and of course my wife Gudrun!

Loading team without Andreas

Loading on the 7th january 2012

Container on the 2th september 2011

In June 2011, the club had decided, to organize the fourth container, not least against the background, that Dr. Alieu Gaye during his visit to Germany had bought up some of clinic material. Likewise, the hospital beds were deposited with the cabinets of the University Psychiatric Clinic in Tübingen, and the desire for bed cöothes for these purposes could be granted by a great article in Südkurier newsletter well. The costs are borne by Dr. Gaye, and this make the decision relatively easy. Despite everything, there is a stable full of action, but without the "professional" loading team (all of them was there!!) it would be not possible and most difficult...

Container, june 2010

This container the association has organized this container, the cost has been taken from Dr. Gaye. Here are some impressions from loading the container:

The complete loading team:

Sepp Sandel, Peter Schieche, Andi Steding, Nick Hornberg, Jenny Hampe, Roland Schindler, Lukas Böllinger, Gudrun Schindler, Markus, Bianka Plein, Christian Bergmann, Biene Hotz, Silvia Böllinger, Bernd Hotz

Container, january 2010

Pictures from loading the container , 8th january 2010:

Container, january 2009

After the founding of the association in 2007, the Executive Board in mid-2008 (thanks to the many kind and cash donations) decided to bring a container to The Gambia. Material was collected from June, initially mainly for medical supplies for the clinic of Dr. Alieu Gaye (eg doctor's chairs, shelves, walkers, wheelchairs, bandages, gynecological chair, Sonografiegerät, drugs, etc.). There were also plenty of private goods together for our diabetic families, and our goal was to collect for Amie Colley, a Type 1 sufferers, sewing machines in our environment. Here we had the "Hohenzollern-Alb-Kurier" help that has published a relevant article. Over 200 telephone calls were received, and we were able to more than 50 (mechanical) sewing machines in our stock to Stetten akM . bring
Articles on these actions and more can be found here!

Container - Archive

Here you'll find the con tainer further information you could read on this homepage:

Container January 2009 pdf-document [161 KB]