November 2013

Travel report 8th to 16th November

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Friday, 8th November

Get up very early in the morning, by 3 a.m., breakfast with Gudrun, hauling the last suitcase into the car, then driving to Munich airport. The parking area i booked electronically , entrance with the car with the credit card, at the check-in i must pay for the third case € 150, that was just so ... two cases with insulin, no other way!
Both flights, to Brussels and Dakar were super punctual. A lady there got off too much, and it took time, until she was back on board. The plane rolled onto the tarmac, and there we stood for 30 minutes. The pilot informed us, that the airport in Banjul is closed. Then, instead at 6 p.m. local time we went by 8 p.m. I had called Dr. Gaye, and he told me, that the President of Nigeria had arrived in The Gambia , and this is the reason that Yundum airport was closed! At 9.30 p.m. I was back in the Bakotu Hotel.
For Saturday I had to prepare all, so i unpacked everything and prepared it for the next day. Long day this day, from 3 a.m. in the morning to 11 p.m...

Saturday, 9th November

The breakfast at the Bakotu Hotel is finally somewhat as some imagine, with choices, not just air rolled bread, cheese and coffee.
Dr. Gaye and his driver had picked me up at 9:30, first we went to Africell mainquarter (one of the mobile operators in The Gambia) to unlock my old mobile number, known from many of our friends. That has actually worked!! I have it back now, the 7059989!
Dr. Gaye and me had given the insulin in the fridge for the first in the old Pakala Clinic. We visited Mama Gaye, unfortunately she had an amputaion 3 months ago, the left underfoot. The wound is well healed.
She's always happy, when I (or other guests) come to visit her!

At a run, it went to the new clinic, and (not only) today there was a prolonged power outage. The generator of the clinic was broken. Dr. Gaye waited desperately for the spare parts. 16 diabetic patients were sitting in the dark, waiting for us. We have packed all and everything up, went together to the old hospital, it's indeed just around the corner. After buying kerosene for the generator, we could start with the program.
With the support of Eliman and Jim, we started the measurements of the long-term sugar, weight, and glucose test. Aminata Jammeh has read the meters, makes a great job with the smart pix software and the laptop, which she got from us in April. We must remove the software from her laptop, because it had a virus problem, using my own laptop.
It's really great that some of them had better long-term glucose levels! Aminata had promised Gudrun, to come down from their 10.5. Super, 8.8%!
Against 4 p.m., we finished. I've decided, after the ferry had successfully passed yesterday with only a test drive over the Gambia River (all three were several times broken in the port), not to cross over to Sait Dem (Nema Kunku, North Bank) and Tida Fofana (Darsilami) to visit them in the families. Dr. Gaye said, that the risk is too high. The visit in both families I've postponed in April.

Sunday, 10th November

Today i want visit Adama Lowe, Amie Colley and Muhammed Willan. Abou, "my" taxi driver, has brought me reliable in these corners . Adama Lowe, she lives in its compound in Ibu Town (suburb of Serrekunda), was very happy about the gift of Angela. We discussed again her bad HbA1c result.
Amie Colley's Abdulrahman is now 2 years old, and no longer shy with me. She is waiting for the club money for an electric sewing machine. She wanted to make herself smart, so what this type costs here. Two days later, she called me: either 9000 or 16 000 Dalasi. Have promised her the more expensive machine (which we will just pay out of our budget, by Susanne G. comes grant, thank you!).
Driving on then to Muhammed. Muhammed Willan's mother died on Tuesday, his father described that as "simply so". Just sad.
Have brought Muhammed 500 test strips, the very last one (!) he had used in the morning. His bicycle from last November is in good condition, and with his HbA1c he must continue to work on it, it's unchanged: 12%.
At 6 p.m. Salieu John came to pick the money for the World Diabetes Day. Salieu has received 800 euros, and submitted the program plus budget for World Diabetes Day.

Monday, 11th November

My fresh T-shirt from this morning was just a stinky rag in the evening. After breakfast, I decide to go to the Jallows to Labakoreh. With the jolting taxi of Karmara we went there, and around 11 p.m. i was on site.
From the "new" house now really stand out only the exterior walls. The inner walls, mud blocks, haven't survived the rainy season. Father Jallow told me, that the 10 head family has to shell out 500 Dalasi for the rented compound each month. And a bag of rice (50kg) costs not 850, but 1150 Dalasi (let me say hello to the German drivers, recharging E10 in the car tanks, to save 6 cents per liter). I've decided, to give the family a supply for her life. I promised another supply for the house, so even a roof comes down to the hut at least.
The mealtime insulin from Sira and Ramatoulie was completely finished in the morning (?), the values ​​of both 23 and 24 mmol. One Softclix device was broken. I had no other choice than to go with daddy Jallow and Ramatoulie to the Pakala Clinic. On the way back I visited (behind Serekunda) Medina Jarjue in Nema Kunku.
My taxi drived the two Jallows back to Labakoreh, picked me up in Nema Kunku, and must refill cooling water in the car. It was after all already 7 p.m., without food all day (people, I warn you to follow me, or you have to bear it ...). So, up to Paradise Restaurant, Chicken Domoda, my roommate from UK invited me, then still Eliman came (he now sells test strips to clinics and doctors), then Alaghe (who has freed our container in April from the port), and not only the sun has gone under at 10.30 p.m.

Tuesday, 12th November

This morning I made ​​myself on the way to Berending to Arafang and his family. In Tanji i made a visit in a homeopathic Helath Center and Bernd Ax and his wife "Mama Afrika". Nice people, nice place - good luck for you!
On Arafangs farm is now built up the second chicken coop, finished. Honey production is still rather slow. The honey hives are constantly a victim of termites! Several orange trees bear (now) unripe fruits. Everything is flowering in November. The nature fence is falling down, and the fence from the garden show in Sigmaringen is coming soon.
At quarter past two Maimuna and Edrissa came from school, and Ramatoulie, Arafang's wife, has cooked us a great rice-domoda-bonga-fish-ball lunch. Just check the pictures ...

Two years ago even alone, then the marriage, daughter from Ramatoulie Maimuna, his own son Yahya Roland. 3 months ago a lady came along, to leave Arafangs additional son Edrissa there, 3 years old. Arafang cannot remember...Good natured as he's just, he has taken him ... from one person on his farm there are 5 now...

Against 4 p.m. we went back, by 6 p.m. I had to go with Dr. Gaye and John Salieu to the West Coast radio. 1 hour we spent here, we gave answers to callers. Salieu John went with me to the hotel, and i invited him to have the dinner. Later "Kwamla" Elliott brought all receipts from our school sponsorships, and told their stories. Listening, and continue to learn (all formerly my mother or my father used to read me fairy tales, so that was something like that, honestly, that night). If we don't have his controls, and often paid everything in the school, I think, some sponsorships would not work!
"Gambia, no problem (?)"

Wednesday, 13th November

Trip to Banjul, to the former Royal Victoria Teaching Hospital, which is now called "Edward Francis Small Hospital". Small in this case means not small, it's last name of Edward. There i meat Ousman Jammeh​​, the chief station manager. Professor Ousman Nyan is no longer the boss, the new one comes from Syria, and he bought blood glucose strips from China for the wards. Well.

After that i visited the family of Ngoneh. From the phone calls to Germany, we knew, that she is in a hospital in Dakar, because of kidney problems. So, she must have now dialysis, Dr. Gaye confirmed that to me. Again, a sad development in a family. Papa Kutai must go to the next operation for his second eye, Gudrun and me paid for it in April. Amie Jobe would like to visit her mother, and I sponsered her the trip, it's not as much as you think.

With Dr. Gaye we had discussed one year ago, the Aminata Jammeh should be switched to ICT. Her HbA1c has improved by 2.0% since April (she had promised this to Gudrun), and she is now at 8.8%! That she understands all the important things she needs to know, she has proven this today afternoon. It will be exciting to April 2014, what she will reach. Two hours of instruction, and the statement from her is related to the Young Gambian Diabetes Association, which indeed makes now family training. However, I'm still waiting for the report of Amadou Barry from the 26th August ...

Statement von Aminata zur YGDA

Young Gambian Diabetes Association

The "Young Gambian Diabetic Association" The group has founded in the year 209, and at this time these are the members: Lamin Dibba, Amadou barry, Amie Colley, Aminata Jammeh, Ida Cham und Yasierra Njie.

Thursday, World Diabetes Day, 14th November

Meeting point this year was the Gamcell Main Quarter in the Kairaba Avenue / Serrekunda. Some of the diabetics we miss, and the last points of the organization must be done. My believe was, that nobody invites the diabetics properly, except those, who were in the clinic last Saturday. With the music band ahead we went on for about 2 km to the YMCA, where everything was prepared for the speeches. Salieu John, secretary of the Gambian Diabetes Association, took over the management. There, still some people were added. Actually, I wanted to hold no speech, but Dr. Gaye has asked me to do. Ok. My content was, as so often, the empowerment and self-control.
As a representative of the Ministry of Health, Momodou Njie (Director of Health education and promotion unit) was present.

The Sukuta self-help group was present too, and after the speeches we went to Sukuta. Right in the market they introduced their room to me, where they measure blood pressure and blood sugar. When people come with problems, they are sent to the Pakala Clinic. I have promised further assistance.
A diabetic Typ1, Dembo Bojang, they introduced to me. He had neither a meter nor anything else, cannot go to school also, because of lack of money. I handed over the money for the school to his mother, and the advice,, to come to the Clinic tomorrow.

In front of the Bakotu Hotel i meat Auah and Ebrima, sitting in their wheel chairs, to pick the receipts for the sponsorships of their children.

Friday, 15th November

Today we went to the Pakala Clinic again. A total of 22 folks were there, and we made the usual measurements. With the insulin doses of some of the individuals we gave a lot of explanation. I have calculated the average values ​​of the HbA1c of ICT'ler and CT'ler: ICT group: 10.0%, CT group: 12.5%.
At 6 p.m. we finished, and Dembo from Sukuta , the "new" from yesterday, also came. His mother went straight to the school this morning, to pay the school fee (receipt she gave me). Hilde and Sepp, our Bavarian allies, had brought the boy in January straight in the Pakala Clinic, as he got diabetes. Eliman supplied Dembo with a blood glucose meter, and Aminata showed him, how it works.

And that was my last Chicken Yassa in the Ninki Nanka restaurant nearby the Bakotu. You can two bills, have a look, the first one is from November 2004, the other one from now. Since 2004, the price has increased for a Chicken Yassa 2.5 times!

Saturday, 16th November

Packing my suitcases after the breakfast, and talk a little on the market outside the hotel with Samba and some other woodcarvers. Kwamla Elliott came to say goodbye.

Dr. Gaye picks me up to take me to the aerobic event, Start 4 p.m. From the waiting to 5 p.m., I have one photo. The other ones took Aminata, she stayed there. At 5 p.m., we must go back to the hotel to pick up the suitcase and to take me to the airport.

At 9 p.m. the palne takes off, but we had to wait at the starting point for 15 minutes. The pilot had spotted a snake on the runway. Promptly at 9.15 p.m. the plane takes off, we had a stop in Dakar, then to Brussels, and three a waiting three hours and a half for the flight to Munich. At 3 p.m. on Sunday I am back at home with Gudrun.

Ok, my report is written too long again? Sorry for that, your "Doggda" Roland


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