November 2011

Travel report 10th to 21th

Perhaps there are among our fans sponsors and interested parties and they have something like curiosity about what we experienced during our stay this year. Some things are probably aware from recent trips, and repeats.
This time we went in a group of four to our stay, it was with Jenny, Sascha (an "old" fan), Roland and Gudrun. Our journey started in Stetten, flight from Stuttgart to Brussels, from there to Banjul, and everything went smoothly.

If a malaria prophylaxis is necessary or not at this time, everyone must decide for themselves. It must be noted here at this point, that one person in our group has captured a malaria tropica, as from 2.12. has had an impact. Read this information on malaria tropcia here.

Friday 11th, and saturday 12th

On Friday and Saturday Jenny, Gudrun, Sascha and Roland went to the Pakala Clinic to carry out the laboratory measurements. We were well busy both days, 33 people came, a few more and no members in the project. Hilde and Sepp were helping us, since Gudrun had problems with the aftermath of her fatal car accident in Germany by 2.11.
Dr. Gaye is concerned, that more and more insulin-dependent diabetics are not only coming, but sent by other doctors in the hospital for care and setting. Just since April 2011 eight young people with this Type 1 diabetes are sent to the Clinic for treatment.
We are worried about this, and we would like to supply more people with insulin. But the donation are not sufficient to increase the budget. Per year, we must have 5000 € only for the insulin, and this amount every year (in november).

The laboratory measurements, we have combined this time with training and watching the measured blood sugar levels. The development of long-term glucose levels "down" is gratifying to see. As noted in some individuals, that blood sugar level still is too less measured, these victims have received an Accu-chek-360-view form. With this base on three consecutive days, a blood sugar daily profile can be measured.

The shadows were already more than exhausted, we went back to the hotel ...

Sunday 13th

Get an idea of ​​how nice the hotel "Bakotu" in Kotu is where we live, here's a selection of images:

World Diabetes Day, 14th

We commemorate the anniversary World Diabetes Day, this year on a monday, and if you have read the recent trip reports, you know the approximate sequence. The "march pass' took place at this time Sukuta, and was organized well of the "self-help group of diabetics Sukuta", Hilde and Sepp helped to found this group in 2010.(Later in this report a few more pictures are following from a meeting with this group.)

The meeting place for the celebrations was near the great mosque in Sukuta, from there the people went to the Pan African Islamic School, where several speeches were held.

And because we were already in Sukuta, we have visited the family of Sheriffo Conteh. We spoke once again with his father, and found out, why Sheriffo has high values from time to time​​, and doesn't measure his sugar level. The father makes "business", and then he's on the road several days. The insulin and the meter is then locked away, and no one comes to it ...
Whether he has now understood what's important?

Hilde's hobby is the fishing in the Gambia river estuary. She caught the largest barracudas, which are available in the Gambia, and has invited us to eat fish, which we enjoyed very much! Many thanks to Hilde and Sepp!

The next days we cleaned up the container material camp, and we sorted the stuff from the container we have loaded,in Stetten/Germany on the 2th september, arrival in The Gambia was the 7th october. It is quite expensive to load a container, but this work was no less stressful ...
Take a look at the pictures, may be you can discover, what you have provided to us!
The bed linen was found in the clinic, the right place! The large pillow cases were "halved" to sew 2 small ones...

Ngoneh and family

The next day we spent visiting "our" families with diabetics. Of course, this is Ngoneh with her family, we were invited to dinner. The oldest daughter, Ndey Fatou, now has a baby, born on the 4th july, and bears the name "Roland". No one has told us in February that she is pregnant, probably because it is so completely normal to be pregnant, or she has not (yet) known. After all, it was as early as the 5th month ...
Amie Jobe, type 1 for 2 years is well, Ngoneh's wound has deteriorated, she should return to Anja in treatment, and Kutai, the father has cataract in his right eye and sees nothing more ...
Here are some pictures from the visit!

Visiting family Jobe

Amie Colley and Sira Jallow

Amie Colley has got a lot of household items, and we visited her and the family thursday. From her we knew of her pregnancy since the end of June, because she had called us extra for it. Since 22th october she has her baby, Abdul Rahman. Finally, she's the first Got lady with type 1, we know, with a baby. Everything was going well. Super!
In the evening we went to Sira Jallow to Labak Oreh, to bring the household materials we loaded in the container: mattresses, a couch, bed covers .... it was dark, really dark, accordingly, the images became a bader quality...
Here are the pictures of our visits:

with Amie Colley

In the family from Sira (Jallow)

With Arafang in Berending

Sure, we visited our friend, who now haunts its agriculture. One year he's out there now, and must pay "dues" from time to time. At the beginning he built a house, and the ceilings he covered with natural wooden material, but now the termites have eaten all the beautiful ceilings, and he must remove all of them. The planted cassava doesn't grow in the rainy saison, he could not put the peanuts, because he doesn't have the necessary equipment (plows, etc.), and the tractor driver has dealt him.
Nevertheless, in november, it's great out there. He has planted over 300 orange trees now, which he must care for and cherish. Three years will it take, until they get by without watering.
In any case, Hilde and Sepp assist him, we repaired his water pipes, and the allegedly defective submersible pump was not defective, it were the connectors on the hoses that were leaking. For two days we were with him, and in february we seem to want to continue the support, at least he can take care of himself. We want to build a chicken coop, and maybe buy him a couple of sheep.

We visited Arafang

With Muhammed

We have visited several other families, of course the family Willan. Muhammad is since february 2011 on a intensified insulin therapy, and it works quite well. Long-term blood glucose value decreases from > 14% to now 10, and he is on a good way to improve it further.

Diabetes self help group, Sukuta

Hilde and Sepp helped to found a new diabetes self-help group in Sukuta in 2010. There are now regular meetings, the group will be led by Mr. Ousman Bojang and Mrs. Fatou Njie, the secretary is Mr. Ousman Jobe. We got together to discuss, whether and how our society can support this group. They want to have a separate structure, together with the GDA (Gambian Diabetes Association).

Maybe, you want to learn know The Gambia with us? Don't hesitate to call us once, and to ask for the next tour date!

With some beautiful photos of nature Jenny, Sascha, Gudrun and Roland say farewell until the next trip.


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