November 2010

travel report 11th to 21th

As in past years, we wanted to go back to Gambia round the World Diabetes Day. This time my wife Gudrun had kept the date free, and so we started then in the night from 10th to 11th november.
Sure, with the flight to The Gambia it doesn't go almost without a barrier. At 21 p.m. we got a phone call of the airline, that the flight had been canceled by 7 clock to Brussels, and we should leave at 6 a.m. in Stuttgart, first to Frankfurt, and from there to Brussels.

12th and 13th

We ended up on time, about 6 p.m., Dr. Gaye we have been able to speak for several minutes at the airport, because he was on his way to a conference of the IDF, and had to travel to China.

On friday and saturday Gudrun and me were engaged in the Pakala Clinic to make the laboratory measurements with all persons known to us. Almost all came, and from 27 persons the long-term glucose level was measured, where possible, we printed out the saved datas from the blood glucose meters, carried out a tuning fork test, and if time permitted, and we discusses diabetes everyday problems.

Here is a large part of the long-term blood glucose measurement results (for the "experts" among the viewers), but without the associated names:

8,7%, 5,5%, 12,9%, 11,7%, 10,5%, >14%, >14%, 12,7%, 11,7%, 6,8%, 11,9%, 6,6%, >14%, >14%, 9,0%, 11,3%, 11,7%, >14%, 8,8%, 6,6%, 11,8%, 7,9%, 11,4%, 12,4%, >14%


This year on sunday was the World Diabetes Day, and as the years before, the "Gambian Diabetes Association" planned again a few events. This time the march pass should go through the capital.
Starting time should be released at 10 a.m., but how it is so, it was 11.15 a.m. until everyone was there, and the final preparations were completed.
(Almost) all known diabetics were there and run there.
We had to wait the longest time for the TV crew, and accompanied by a drum group, we went off middle of the main to the "Arch 22".
On the square next to the Arch a grandstand was built, and there were speeches, etc. Salieu of John, the organizer of the Gambian Diabetes Association, and the Mayor of Banjul.
Food and drinks were provided.
Diabetes-Projekt The Gambia e.V. has supported financially the day again.
Take a look at the pictures:

Accompany us a piece way trough Banjul:

Die Gruppe am ARCH 22

upper persons:
Adama Jatta, Sister Fatou, Lamin Dibba, Sheriff Sanyang, Maimuna Bojang, Ngoneh Mboob, Amadou Barry, Ya Sira Njie, Amie Colley, Amie Jobe
persons in the middle:
Ebrima Mendy, Medina Jarju, Muhammed Willan, Zainab Jabang, Rilwan Lowe, Adama Lowe
Lamin Badjie, Roland Schindler, Anja Rollmann


On monday, we have changed Amie Jobe and Lamin Dibba to ICT therapy, in consultation with Dr. Gaye. We've taken out time the whole day, to train and educate both with the new pens and the two kinds of insulin.

16th and 17th

Gudrun, Anja and me have decided to visit Arafang in the south of the Gambia. Arafang was one of the securities in the Bakotu Hotel, and now he'll focus himself completely on his farm. The well works well, the submersible pump is running, the water tanks are built, the house is built up, the bananas are growing, honey production jolts still, and in his field around the house cattles and goats are destroying planted vegetables and perennials. So Gudrun and me have decided, to buy him with our private means a fence.

On Tuesday was Tobaski, and went still in the village to "stop by".

Click through the pictures and admire Arafang, because he is completely on his own!

Arafang cooked peanut soup for us

Arafang banished cows from his ground

In the chapter "What we still do" you can read the story about Arafang!

18th, Amie Colley

Of course we visited Amie Colley (in Abuko), our dress maker, we have equipped her with sewing machines in february 2009. We ordered a lot of the great gambian bags from her. In the laboratory tests she was also present, and she got on with the intensive insulin therapy very clear, her long-term blood glucose value is now 40 mmol/mol (5.7%).
The story of Amie Colley, you can read the chapter "What we are still doing" (is not ready).


On Friday we took the time to visit the family of Zainab Jabang in Brikama. Zainab was born in 2000, is one of the youngest girls with type 1 diabetes, and remains at very bad average of blood sugar levels. We worked closely with the mother, father and grandmother, and of course we talked to her about diabetes. We hope, the values are a little bit better in the future!

Even in Brikama, we wanted to visit the Manneh family. Lamin Manneh, the left underfoot was amputated because of diabetes, and Susanne Bitzer from the group in Gambia Haigerloch group provided him with a blood glucose meter and test strips, because he probably should inject insulin. His son, Lamin, we have explained earlier in the Bakotu Hotel dealing the meter.


The penultimate day was dawning.

In the morning we took a visit to the Royal Victoria Teaching Hospital and the Nursing Director of Med Clinic Ousman Jammeh, another visit to the our podologist Anja Rollmann, working in the old clinic of Dr. Gaye, and we don't have a lot of time, because Sister King (Eliza) invited a further 11 affected diabetics for a final training workshop in the clinic of Dr. Gaye.
All of them came, not always at the appointed time, from 15 p.m. we were complete, and we could start. Gudrun as a diabtes nurse and me discussed and repeated the main content of the training program, especially the conventional insulin therapy (CT) and the intensive insulin therapy (ICT). The motto: "the more often repeated, the more will be implemented," we have taken to heart, and all our idea was to suspend a price for keeping and improving the long-term sugar value.

With purchased plastic boxes Gudrun has sorted well the stored insulin in the refrigerator of hospital, and we handed out the two blood pressure meters sponsored from Omron.
Änderungen rückgängig machen


The last day had dawned, and we have let a couple of hours in the hot sun on the cost of the Atlantic. Now, if the reader thinks, we had only worked, then this is not entirely true.
In the craft market near the hotel we picked up our purchases figures, and the green monkey, which visited us regularly by the hotel room, got one last banana, by 18 p.m. we went to the airport, departure time 20.50 p.m., but, like so sometimes, we need to spend the night at the airport, because our flight was initially hung in Dakar with a puncture. At 5 a.m. in the morning he took off to fly home ...


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