February 2011

Travel report 24th february to 13th march

Two weeks later than usual this time we went to the planned trip to Gambia. The flight was from Stuttgart, we had to get up at 2 a.m. in the morning to pick up our Sepp in Albstadt, because the machine was flying to Brussels by 7 a.m. At the airport we met our two traveling ladies, Simone Pisch and Corinna Wangler.
In November, the thing with the "excess baggage" went well, this time we are fallen on deaf ears at the service of the Lufthansa lady with our sports bag (that was packed to the brim with insulin). "The saying: "Yes, all the people say it's for a charity project" was the comment, and so we had to pay 150 €. Oh great!
On our flight schedule of 12th january the departeture in Brussels was 11 a.m. What we didn't know: Dakar in Senegal is no longer served, and it went off only by 14 p.m. Such a delay may only be used to catch some sleep ...

The next morning we were all busy with unpacking the luggage, we sorted and packed the insulin, and then, around 12:30 p.m., departure to the measurements in Dr. Alieu Gaye's Pakala Clinic. 14 people with type 1 diabetes came, and we had our hands full. Corinna and Simone were with the completion of our "sponsor sheets" (we started again, serves as a data documentation sheet, and associated with a communication to the sponsor in Germany), Gudrun, together with Jim, made ​​the measurements (long-term blood glucose, blood sugar, weight ), and Roland has read the measured values from the Accu-Chek meters, ​​and discussed this with the people.
Fortunately, some have HbA1c levels improved.
A look in the fridge, he's cleaned up properly, and Gudrun was able to sort the brought insulin. Gudrun has promised Dr. Gaye, to clean the shelves with the insulin needles. We have ordered a carpenter, because he had to establish three more shelves.

On the last Saturday of each month in The Gambia, the government-prescribed "Cleaning Day" is. It's not allowed up to 14 p.m. to dirve a car, and all Gambians must pick up the garbage. We have used this time around (in fact) to be lazy on the beach, and we have extended into Sunday. Eliza, the chief nurse of Dr. Gaye, has provided us with dinner on saturday, and on sunday we meat Anja, "our" podologist and Arafang, former night guard of the hotel Bakotu.
The following pictures are some impressions of these two days, so right on the beach, we are of course never have been alone, because as soon as we're there, often people come over, who have diabetes, or they mean that, and ask us for help.

On Monday we went to work on. Corinna wanted to carry the project forward, Ingeborg had been started in january, this was already discussed with Dr. Gaye on friday. He has ensured, that the nurses, who were in Ingeborgs's training in january could be interviewed, and over the next few days Corinna, with a prepared questionnaire (post test), made the interviews.

Dembo, the cook from the small cozy beach restaurant "Paradise" in the vicinity of our hotel, we have taken with us, because he's an insulin dependent diabetic, and was not supplied. According, his values were very high on saturday and sunday. That a man with such values ​​still works as a cook, no one needs to understand that.
In the afternoon a visit to the "old" Pakala Clinic, Anja (Rollman) is working there, and she treated wounds on the feet, and just around the corner a short visit to Gudrun and Roland's "sponsorship" Ngoneh with family. Later in the evening, when everyone was together, Sepp gave us a inviation of the belated celebration of his 80th birthday. It was a great evening ...

On tuesday, Roland startetd with Dembo again in the clinic to Dr. Gaye, because what it looked like, he needed a complete insulin therapy. After that was a meeting at the Royal Victoria Teaching Hospital with Ousman Jammeh (the nursing director) and Prof. Dr. Ousman Nyan, who is now chief of the Medical Clinic. The supply of blood glucose test strips and meters was the most important preferential issue.
On wednesday, we were guests in our host family from Ngoneh Mboob, we know now for 8 years. Enjoy the pictures just as a spectator in the family, above all, if Toubabs eat with her hands.
Towards evening, Roland has met with Lamin Dibba and Amadou Barry, who couldn't come to the measurements at the weekend due to school obligationsd. Both the association financed a scientific study at the University of Gambia, and paid for the textbooks for the two.

Today is thursday, the 3rd march, and we have taken the time to visit the market in Serrekunda. Most Toubabs have to hang her wings after 2 hours. It's just been tough to cope with the hustle and bustle.
Mr. Manly-Elliott, he produces gases and operates a factory between Serrekunda and Banjul, long ago he asked Roland to make a lecture in diabetes to his colleagues of the Methodist Church in Banjul. Kwamla picked us up around 19 p.m., and 20 p.m. a "lesson Diabetes" started in the middle of the church in Banjul, followed by glucose measurements.

Here you can see and hear a small portion of the lecture and diabetes ...:

Today, on Friday, the program was the second part of the measurements in the Pakala Clinic. We went about 13 p.m. to Banjul, some diabetics were already there. Simone has helped again to fill in the sponsor leaves, Corinna and Gudrun have sorted and cleaned the insulin needle and insulin pen shelf. At 18.30 p.m. it was closing time, and we went back to the hotel.

Here are some long-term diabetes results from that day, without attribution: > 14%, 11.1%, 10.7%, 7.5%, 9.1%, >14%, >14%, 11.1%. Dr. Gaye has proposed to convert two more people (with an HbA1c level of> 14%) of ICT-therapy, we wanted to take that in attack next week.

Saturday and sunday we were going to visit our friend Arafang in Berending in the south of The Gambia. He still has big problems with cattle and pigs devastating his plantation, and with termites in the house, eaten away his natural woven blanket. We ordered a massive iron gate in Mr. Manly-Eliott's factory and picked it up, and in the store of Dr. Gaye in Banjul were also a few things for Arafang ready for collection. On the way, we picked the ordered fence in the construction market, the scorpion wire and cement, Gudrun and Roland have paid all for privately.
Then we went onto Kwamla's truck for two days to Berending, and to spent one night there.

At the request of Dr. Gaye, we went on this sunday evening to Muhammed's parents house, after several years of drudgery with mixed insulin therapy, and very poor long-term blood glucose values ​​(> 14%), he should now be switched on ICT therapy. We have already spoken with him about the days before, and he's ready to ...
Of course we were always reachable by phone the next days, because of the food assessment, and the associated insulin, and we visited him to teach the following days several times at his home.

On Monday, 7th march, we have looked at the Makasuto National Park, on the way back, because even in Brikama, the famous craft market, we attented the family, which is cared from Susan Bitzer. Lamin Manneh is also a diabetic.
Towards evening we have the date in the family of Sira Jallow, she lives far out in Labak Oreh, because she should also be changed to ICT. We have never seen a family in the Gambia, which is so poor. The couple must supply eight children, and we have procured a 50kg bag of rice. Incidentally, the price has doubled in the past two years straight: from 400 to 800 Dalasi. Long live SuperE10 ...

On Wednesday we went to visit Amie Colley, our dressmaker. She has sewn several pockets again for us, and we bought them. Her sewing room she has moved directly to the house, because her official shop would cost for a business registration monthly 500 Dalasi (approx. 13 €) ... So she just sews for her family, the neighbourhood and for us. On the way back we visited Sira in Labak Oreh again, and later the family of Sheriffo Conteh (type 1) in Sukuta. We have never been in this family, and wanted to take a picture. Sure, if already there, we have made diabetes education for the father and the mother and himself.

If you want, you can see and hear children singing, in the family of Amie Colley:

On Thursday, Roland went to the clinic to Dr. Alieu Gaye, he still had a few things to discuss, primarily focused on equipment in the clinic, that are not yet in operation, and where important items are missed, Roland has to organize. Again a visit to Sheriffo and Sira.
On Friday, on the program was the visit in the Central Medical Store, a meeting with Babanding Sabally in Kotu. Theme was the purchase of medicines and blood glucose test strips in Germany, it's not easy, because the state probably has agreements with Egypt.
On Saturday we were all invited to Saiku in Serrekunda, a night watchman from the Bakotu Hotel. He runs every day the way to the hotel and back home, a full 20 kilometers. His daughter Aisha had birthday on this day, she's three years old and has become her second name is Gudrun ...
In the evening Isatou Jallow came with her brother to the hotel, after she did not appear to the measurements. She had the last four weeks only three measurements on their blood glucose meter, and is injecting insulin as a type 1. In consultation with Dr. Gaye we have discussed, that their insulin is changed back to mixed insulin, if she shouldn't improve her long-term glucose levels by november.

Well, now this stay came to an end too. Those who have read so far out of curiosity, have found all the important information, we hope...

Perhaps, you may go on tour with our group, we are delighted.
Thanks to Dr. Alieu Gaye for the good care.
With the following pictures Corinna, Simone, Sepp, Gudrun and Roland say "goodbye"!

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