If you want to make an one-time donation, and you indicate on the remittance slip a keyword, "diabetes", "school" or "container", we will use this donation for this purpose.

For this donation please use this form "One-time-donation, nonrecurring", print it out and send it completely filled out. After receiving your payment you receive a donation receipt. For displaying this type of files you need Adobe Reader.

This is the way to the online form One-time-donation!

Donations in kind are also possible. Please take contact initially with the Board.

Account of the association:
Owner: Diabetes-Projekt The Gambia e.V.
Name of Bank: Volksbank Ebingen
BIC: GENODES1EBI (only inside Germany, Blz=65390120)
IBAN: DE07 6539 0120 0067 117007 (inside Germany: AccNo= 67117007)


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