for a diabetic and / or students in The Gambia

The Gambia Project Diabetes Association makes it to his mission to find persons in Germany, who wish to support a diabetic and / or a pupil in Gambia.
The path leads through an annual recurring donation.

For an insulin-dependent diabetic these are 300 €, for a non-insulin-treated diabetic 150 €.

On a numeric example, we want to explain you, what the financial expenses for an insulin-dependent diabetic is.
A person with 70kg weight requires about 13000 units of insulin per year, at a price / unit of about 0.03 €, these are about 390 €, plus cost for example Accu-Chek Active test strips, about 2-3 times per day, this is again about 250 €. For piercing lancets, insulin needles and other materials are added a further 50 €, the total amount per person is therefore about 690 €. The 2011 Annual General Meeting decided, that a diabetic can be in the Gambia several sponsors assigned up to a total amount of 600 €, if she/he is supplied directly (insulin, test strips and devices) by the association.
The medical care of people in the project will be conducted by Dr. Alieu Gaye for free!

For students normally we need 120 € per year, while it is true that girls have to pay in the primary school no school fees. Secondary schools will cost more money, so that the family must apply in many cases, but cannot pay because of poverty.

Via the contact addresses of the Board, it is possible to find adequate people and to support them with a sponsorship. The Godfather should have contact to his "godfather person" in the Gambia, that goes by writing letters (we get over), in some cases there is a direct email contact possible.
Currently we are working on data sheets, an those ones we make available for the sponsor. Please ask for it!
If you are interested to become a sponsor, don't hesitate to contact us. We select a adequate person.

The importance of such a sponsorship can be impressive, the following story shows this:

Ngoneh we become aquainted with us on our 1. visit in The Gambia (february 2003) at the RVTH. After her wound on the right food become smaller (2005), we bought her a pair of shoes, and a orthopaedic workshop adapted the right one.

The photo shows the wound in the year 2006, it's not totally closed. If we are in The Gambia, the family invited us for the lunch.

The supply of the family with furniture from our container, 2007. Ilona Stiebitz in the middle of the family.

From the left: Ines, Ingeborg, father Kutai, Ndey Fatou, Gudrun (February 2010) From the left: Mamjerno, Gudrun, Ngoneh, Ndey Fatou, in front: Amie

And this is a very sad message: Ngoneh died on the 12th February 2014, on the diabetes late complication kidney damage.


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