In this chapter you will learn what medical facilities are supported by us.

These are:

Pakala Clinic of Dr. Alieu Gaye, Banjul
Royal Victoria Teaching Hospital, Banjul
Berending Health Center, Berending

Pakala Clinic

Focus of our attention is the clinic of Dr. Alieu Gaye, whom we have learned to know at our first visit (in february 2003), still in the Royal Voctoria Teaching Hospital. See the gallery below, there are some pictures from this public hospital.
From about 2006, he has biult up a small clinic in the Hagan Street, which soon burst at the seams.
Just around the corner, he was able to puchase (in 2009) to purchase a building used formerly by the Americans, the need for a complete renovation, now stands as a private medical center, since the beginning of April 2010, this clinic is in operation.
Some of the features we have added Dr. Gaye and our container organized in January 2010. Hospital beds, nursing beds, wheelchairs care, walkers and various medical devices (ECG, and ultrasound) as well as chairs for the waiting area and desk furniture we brought and can be used.

Royal Victoria Teaching Hospital (RVTH)

The Royal Victoria Teaching Hospital, we have known since our first visit in 2003. The state hospital needs as well as other medical facilities support.
With the means available to us, we are going to the hospital as to provide them with beds, bed clothes and furniture like smaller cupboards, and the Nursing Director of Medical Clinic, Mr. Ousman Jammeh, is supplied with blood glucose meters and test strips, but also with insulin.
Everything is urgently needed.

If we are in the Gambia, we visit the stations to make us an idea of ​​the demand.

Berending Health Center

We hear from this small country hospital from Arafang Badjie, when we visited his family in his hometown. The clinic is run by the community Berending, and led by Dr. Yahya Bojang and 2-3 nurses. In November 2008 we had our first contact with the Berending Health Center.
Since we had planned for January 2009, bringing relief supplies to The Gambia was one of our goals, the clinic doctor with lying, drug cabinets, beds and mattresses, desks and shelves equip. Dressing materials, various medications (including metformin and blood pressure medicine), we were able to bring the request of Dr. Yaha Bojang also. Even with a reasonable amount of money we can help every time we go to the hospital.


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