If you want to make (one of the following) sponsorship, you'll find the online form here.

With 300 € / year, you can take over the sponsorship for a child or adult suffering on type 1 diabetes. With this amount the insulin supply is ensured, and the individual has the ability to measure at least 1x to 3x daily the blood sugar. Medical care and treatment usually takes about Dr. Gaye, for people in the project it's for free!
The Annual General Meeting 2011 of the club (the text you can read here!) decided that the diabetics in the Gambia, which the club supplied (complete and direct) with insulin, test strips and the required tools, sponsors can assigned up to a total amount of 600 €.

With 150 € / year, you can take over the sponsorship for a type 2 diabetes affected people. This amount ensures the supply with diabetic drugs, in many cases the treatment of high blood pressure, and the individual has the opportunity to measure the blood sugar 1x daily. Medical care and treatment usually takes about Dr. Gaye, for people in this project it's for free!

With 120 € / year you can take over a school sponsorship for a child / youth. This amount includes the school fee and usually the school material the child requires in this school year, the appropriate school uniform, in many cases the meals (in the school). The amount for the visit of a (better) school should be higher, the club takes over the costs.

If you are interested to become a sponsor, don't hesitate to contact us. We put you in touch, find out a suitable person, and provide you with the contact details.

Family Support: it was a decision of the Annual General Meeting of the Club in 2011, for very poor families (be sure, we control that), in which one or more diabetics are living, the association can give a additional financial support (the wording you can read here!).

Here you'll find a pdf-document for the acquisition of a diabetes- or student sponsorship for printing and sending (for viewing pdf-files on your computer you need Adobe Reader).

If you want a receipt, please let us know.

Account of the association:
Owner: Diabetes-Projekt The Gambia e.V.
Name of Bank: Volksbank Ebingen
BIC: GENODES1EBI (Germany Blz: 65390120)
IBAN: DE07653901200067117007 (AccNo: 67117007)


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