Objectives of the association

"Help will arrive directly to relevant people"

Some of experience with the field work brought the group on 21th May 2007 in Stetten a.k.M., as the new club was formed.
Since February 2003, some of the association actives care together with Dr. Alieu Gaye and his team, to the diabetes care for the people themselves, their families, and to the promotion of pupils and students.

The primary objective of the association is to help and lead diabetics. The supply of insulin, glucose and high blood pressure medications, blood glucose meters and test strips, especially the design and implementation of a functioning, adjusted to the local situation Diabetes education, it must be ensured, together with Dr. Alieu Gaye. This not only requires strength and motivation of the association, but also financial resources.
Education for children is the chance to live with the future in order to find work at all. The organization cares for children with diabetes, and wants to ensure over donations their education and other needy children.

Another target is the medical equipment (such as hospital beds, wheelchairs, rollators, walkers, crutches, ultrasound equipment, ECG machines, sterilizers, dressings, etc.), mainly to bring the material to the clinic of Dr. Alieu Gaye in The Gambia, and to help needy families but also with everyday objects of everyday life.
The association funded container in january 2009, january and june 2010 and september 2011, and the group planned the arrival time so, that the project manager on arrival were always there. Brought material could be distributed so directly.

To bring a container to The Gambia, this will require resources in altitude of 3500 to € 5500, depending from container size. The organization's aim is to get a sufficiently high amount of donations in 2012/2013, to organize a container again.


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