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The club was registered on 25th july 2007 by the District Court in Sigmaringen under the number VR 882. By letter of 21th June 2007 from the Tax Office Sigmaringen he was recognized as a charitable association, to 18 months from date of issue. With the exemption decision of the 21th July 2008 and 12th October 2011 the common public interest was extended by 3 years.

The association supports the following charitable purposes: "promote the public health system", and is eligible for such donations and membership fees, issue receipts for donations.

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Here you will find the first formulation of objectives of the association and the report of the current annual general meeting.

In addition, you'll find in the "documents" all major club forms, including the applicable statutes of the association and the minutes of the last general meeting, each as a printable PDF form.

In the field "newsletter articles", you can read recent articles (and older ones), or you can print it out, if necessary.

Have a look to the chapter of the founding of the association, and if you want, read about the history.

In the "Links" you'll find references to other clubs "Help for The Gambia", etc.

The 7th Annual General Meeting of the Association was held on

17th May 2014, 7:00 p.m.
Haus Heuberg (Soldatenfreizeitheim)
72510 Stetten am kalten Markt
Hardtstr. 47-48
Fon +49 7573 926720


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