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On the 17th May, 7 p.m., 26 persons (22 members) meat themselves on the 7th Annual General Meeting of the association, at Haus Heuberg, Hardtstr. 48, D-72510 Stetten am kalten Markt.

At 7.08 p.m., the chairman opened the meeting, and he was happy about 26 members and guests. He first welcomed all present and Mayor Gregor Hipp, who had taken the time to participate (despite football Cup final ...) at the meeting.
Bernd Stiebitz was elected as secretary.
Schindler directed his words of thanks to the entire team of the Association, all helpers, all donors and patrons, without whom this project couldn't exist.
He showed the initial screen with the three monkeys and commented that the group just doesn't occur like them in The Gambia...
With the African saying: "The grass doesn't grow faster when you pull it", the chairman startetd with the activities of 2013 (visit in The Gambia March 2013, the garden show fence action in Sigmaringen, and stay in November 2013) and then headed to the year 2014.

With the loading of the container on 14th March in Stetten and the Gambia-stay from 11th to 28th April 2014 (see travel report April 2014) Schindler joined the annual report.

The balance of the year 2013 the president had to introduce himself, because cashier Alois Hornberg was on vacation. With revenue of € 28.540,39 and expenditure of € 28.814,84 expenditure the association had at the end of the year € 14.898,64 in the account, a good cushion for 2014.
The cash register was checked on 25th January 2014 from Felix Sandel and Gudrun Schindler, both spotted all bookings and receipts, and controlled, everything was just right to the last €Cent.
Mayor of Stetten am kalten Markt, Gregor Hipp, carried out the approval of the Board. He praised the association, and recommended to introduce the project to a larger and public circle of persons, to develop it further.

Alois Hornberg had declared his resignation. The proposal to select Rüdiger Rabi from Stetten as the new treasurer, was gratefully accepted. He was elected unanimously, and he accepted the election, and Roland Schindler thanked him. The time of delivery was placed for middle of June 2014.
The work of the Alois Hornberg, treasurer of the past seven years, has been appreciated. The "official" adoption of Nick will be held at the next general meeting.

Since no application templates and no word messages were made, Schindler was able to close the meeting at 8.18 p.m.

The protocol of the meeting you can read, and you'll find the short presentation here.

The articles in the newsletter you can read in this chapter.