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The club was founded on 21th may 2007 in Stetten a.k.M., and the Dirstrict Court of Sigmaringen entered the asociation under VR 882 in the club register. By letter of 21th june of the Tax Office Sigmaringen he was recognized as a charitable organization, to 18 months from date of issue. With the notice of exemption from the 21th July 2008 and 21th october 2011, the charitable status was extended about 3 years.

In the evening of the 21th may 2007, at 7 p.m., the 11 members of foundation meat, to lift the club out of the baptism.Dr. Gaye was in Germany at this time, and sure, he was invited.

Foto of the group at the inaugural meeting:

From left to right:

Marion Sandel, Sascha Kerßens, Veronique Marchese, Alois Hornberg, Sepp Sandel, Felix Sandel, Gudrun Schindler, Dr. Alieu Gaye, Roland Schindler, Ilona und Bernd Stiebtiz