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Heartly welcome

on the homepage of the Diabetes-Projekt The Gambia e. V.

We see ourselves as a group of people who want help human beings with diabetes, and offer medical, substantial and financial support for everyday life. We are specialized on people and students with diabetes, we become acquainted in the Pakala Clinic of Dr. Alieu Gaye and on our trips in The Gambia. Read and grup on ththese pages, they you'll know, what's important.

Dr. Alieu Gaye, our doctor and friend is on site, he helps us always with our work.

Of course we have to rely on donations, without an assistance nearly nothing is possible. Our trips to The Gambia we financed always privately, and this will remain so in the future!
If you want to be a member in our association or you want to take a diabetes-sponsorship or a school-sponsorship, or you will make a single donation, you find the necessary information under the headings: "Become a member", "Sponsorship", and "Donation" on these pages, and you'll find there all the other important information.

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